Berry and fruit powders

Berry powders and fruit powders


Berry powder is an excellent choice for you who want variety in your diet and valuable vitamins without unnecessary effort. Powders made from organic fruits and berries are not only rich in nutrients, but also taste good. Berry powders are easily digested, so your body is able to make effective use of the nutrients they contain.

Feel Vivid berry powders consist of 100% berries. Thus, they do not contain, for example, preservatives, colorants or other additives.

Berry powders are conveniently carried to the workplace, for example. The powders can be conveniently enjoyed mixed with juice, porridge or yogurt, for example. This way, the snack not only becomes more nutritious, but also tastes nice.

Find your favorite berry powders!

Our selection of berry powders includes:

Berry powder for Camu camu bush, which contains a lot of e.g. Vitamin C and antioxidants

Cranberry powder, which can help you prevent and treat cardiovascular disease

Blackcurrant powder from which you can get a daily dose of vitamin C easily

Blueberry powder made from blueberries grown in Finnish Lapland

Lingonberry powder, rich in vitamins A, B and E and perfect for yoghurt or curd

Sea buckthorn powder rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and omega-7 fatty acids


In addition to berry powders, you will find apple powder in our selection, where you will get vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E. Apple powder is also great for baking!

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